Karate is a form of martial arts in which people who have had years and years of training can, using only their hands and feet, make some of the worst movies in the history of the world.
Dave Barry


Our New TMAC Black Belts (July 2014)

Well done to all who passed their grading!!

Clacton Competition (6th July 2014)


Kate Winter
1st place - Solo Kata (1)
3rd place - Solo Kata (2)
3rd place - Pairs Kata (with Isla)
2nd place - Kumite

Isla Scott
4th place - Solo Kata
3rd place - Pairs Kata (with Kate)
3rd place - Pairs Kata (with Evie)
1st place - Kumite

Abbie Sutton
2nd place - Kumite

Jacob Higgon
3rd place - Kumite

Amelia McCarthy
3rd place - Kumite

Debbie Stone
3rd place - Kumite (1)
1st place - Kumite (2)

Alice Boutell
Two excellent performances in probably the most difficult events of the day, Well done Alice!!

Evelyn Higgon
3rd place - Pairs Kata (with Isla)
3rd place - Solo Kata.


BIG thank you to our assistant coach, Andrea Higgon.
Thank you to our supporters, Fiona Scott, Steven Higgon and Mr McCarthy.

Goodbye to Joshua Emmanuel

We say goodbye (for now) to budding professional footballer Joshua Emmanuel, who is on the books of Ipswich Town FC and last year (aged 16) made the first team squad.

He was asked by the club to build up his strength in the close season and the club approved of our Boxercise training.

Here is Joshua saying goodbye to Vicky, who has been his trainer.

Good luck for the new football season to a very nice (and fitter) young man.

Speedy Courtney

One of our Karateka, and our first ever Student Of The Year, Courtney Gordon, apart from her Karate skills is a talented runner, having recently beat her club's 800m record for her age group!

Courtney is rapidly becoming one of the best young runners in the area.

Way to go Courtney!!

Yamaguchi Karate (Grays) Kumite Event 22/6/2014‏

A small squad of 4 and great results:

Harry Avery: Best performance so far.
Aiden Langridge: Getting better each time.


Kate Winter: 1 Gold and 1 Silver - Brilliant

Isla Scott: 1 Gold and 1 Silver - Brilliant


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