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International Karate Competition Results (14/09/14)

Our excellent Karate squad at the London International Karate Competition on the 14th September 2014.




Isla Scott:

Individual Kata - Bronze
Kumite - Silver
Team Kata - Silver
Pairs Kata - Bronze

Marielle Dorset:

Individual Kata - Bronze
Team Kata - Silver
Pairs Kata - Bronze

Paige Mellor:

Kumite - Silver
Pairs Kata - Bronze

Harrison White:

Kumite - Bronze

Abbey Sutton:

Kumite - Gold

Evelyn Higgon:

Team Kata - Silver
Pairs Kata - Bronze

Debbie Stone:

Kumite- Bronze

Ellie Risdale:

Kumite - Silver

Rachel Merritt:

Pairs Kata - Bronze

Alice Boutell:

Top 5 Black belt Individual Kata (and excellent support to her team members all day!)

New TMAC Song!

The new TMAC song created by our summer course attendees!

Our New TMAC Black Belts (July 2014)

Well done to all who passed their grading!!

TMAC Summer Course 2014

Our best summer course yet! Well done to our excellent students!

Thank you to Andrea and Kate for their help on the last day and a big thank you to Marielle for helping teach on all 3 days.


Course award recipients Ellie, Jessica and Sam well done !!

Clacton Competition (6th July 2014)


Kate Winter
1st place - Solo Kata (1)
3rd place - Solo Kata (2)
3rd place - Pairs Kata (with Isla)
2nd place - Kumite

Isla Scott
4th place - Solo Kata
3rd place - Pairs Kata (with Kate)
3rd place - Pairs Kata (with Evie)
1st place - Kumite

Abbie Sutton
2nd place - Kumite

Jacob Higgon
3rd place - Kumite

Amelia McCarthy
3rd place - Kumite

Debbie Stone
3rd place - Kumite (1)
1st place - Kumite (2)

Alice Boutell
Two excellent performances in probably the most difficult events of the day, Well done Alice!!

Evelyn Higgon
3rd place - Pairs Kata (with Isla)
3rd place - Solo Kata.


BIG thank you to our assistant coach, Andrea Higgon.
Thank you to our supporters, Fiona Scott, Steven Higgon and Mr McCarthy.


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