Black Belt Success (Sept 2015)

Three new Dan grade (black belts) were achieved by three young ladies who have been training a combined period of 17 years (remarkable at their tender ages).
All three are now experienced competitors, having been part of the Junior squad who compete on the Karate circuit regionally and at the English National championships.

Here are the three girls in their Cimac-Adidas sponsored Gi's having received their Dan grade awards from David Wilson, the Chief Instructor of The Martial Arts Centre:

Left to right:
Abbie Sutton - aged 12
Evelyn Higgon - aged 10 (The centre's youngest ever Karate black belt)
Isla Scott - aged 12


Cimac-Adidas are one of the (if not the number one) major UK suppliers of Martial Arts equipment, and now sponsor The Martial Arts Centre competition squads. A major coup for the Centre.


The three girls are part of the Centre's Junior Karate squad and between them in the last year, have medalled at the prestigious SENI London Open Championships and The English National championships. They are excellent Martial Artists and their Instructor says of them:
"All three girls have performed at the highest level nationally and have proved what can be done with hard work, and of course talent. They are an excellent example to our younger members who look upon them as role medals. They have been training basically since they started school and have never had a break from training, apart from the odd holiday and illness, all our young members are progressing very well and our recent grading where the girls passed their Dan (black belt) was of an excellent standard."

Three of our older boys, Danny Bates, Aaron Mellor and Jack Reed also became Black belts after years of dedicated training. The boys had been putting in more training hours in readiness for their Dan grade test and it paid off with three very good gradings, and sharp techniques allied with fitness.

Also shown is a photo of those who also successfully graded at the Centre's September grading, in what was one of our technically best gradings ever.

Well done everybody.

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