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Jessica Loble

When did you start your Karate training?

I started Karate when I was 4 years old in 2000.


Why did you start Karate?

It was something my parents encouraged, as they both had been doing Karate for many years.


Who was your first Instructor?

Master Kate Forrester


What is your occupation?

I am an Office Secretary.


What else do you do?

I play football for a local team, Chelmsford Ladies Firsts. I also enjoy various fitness classes.


When did you start teaching?

I started teaching with Sensei Wilson in 2015.

Have you had much success in competition?

1 x gold and 1 x silver in team kata at the nationals.

What is your favourite Kata?

Every Kata has something unique about it but I would have to say Sochin is definitely a favourite, as it was my first competition Kata.


What is your favourite technique?

Yoko Geri.

Do you feel Martial Arts has influenced your personal life in any way?

Most certainly. My social skills and confidence are owed to Martial Arts. I am meeting new people all the time and I have made many close friends over time.


Do you have any views on how Martial Arts is perceived?

I would personally say Martial Arts has different views depending on experience. Unfortunately there are always bad experiences, whether it be Instructors or colleagues. Personally, the good from Martial Arts will always outweigh the bad.


Do you have any other interests?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Visiting new places. Also reading and music are a big part of my life.


What are my current goals?

To never stop learning and improving. To also teach others as best as I can.

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