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Kata Information

From 8th April 2019 our Kata’s up to 1st Kyu (Brown belt) are as follows;


Taikyoku Shodan

Taikyoku Nidan

Taikyoku Sandan

Taikyoku Yondan

Heian* Shodan

Heian Nidan

Heian Sandan

Heian Yondan

Heian Godan




* Pronounced Hee-ann



Heian Katas Kiai points 2 for each Kata



Shodan   3rd high block:

                 3rd punch


Nidan      On the stab:

                 Last move


Sandan    1st punch:

                 Last move


Yondan   Uraken:



Godan      1st punch after Shuto:

                  on landing for jump

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