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Leanne Barnsley

When did you start training?

I started kickboxing in March 2011 I attended a ladies only class


Who was your first instructor?



Why did you start kickboxing?

I've always been interested in martial arts and kickboxing was something I liked the look off and, I wanted a fun way to work out , As a young women I want to learn self defence too.


What is your occupation?

Full-time mum


What else do you do?

I Like taking part in other fitness classes like Zumba ,fight klub workout ,and spending time with friends and family.


When did you start teaching?

I started as an instructor in November 2016, I've always assisted people and covered class since being a senior belt .

Do you feel martial arts has influenced your personal life anyway?

I feel Martial arts has given me more confidence and enjoyable way to keep fit.


What is your favourite technique?

One of my favourite techniques is A spinning reverse roundhouse kick.


Have you had much success in competition?

I did competitions for short while which I gained a gold at London International open competition- two bronze medals at the English karate Federation Championships and 3 second-place trophies at U.F.M.A.A kickboxing Championship series.

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