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Matt Giles

When did you start your Karate training?

Later in hindsight than I would have liked.

Why did you start Karate?

I have always been attracted by the principles, respect and tradition.  It’s something I always wanted to do and never made the time or found the place to do it.  I played a lot of football as a child and young adult.  It’s a regret I never started earlier, but it’s never too late.

Who was your first Instructor?

Not including Bruce Lee from films and TV.  Sensei David Wilson

What is your occupation?

I work in the construction industry


What else do you do?

In addition to my martial arts study/training in Karate, Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and Krav Maga.  I am an FA accredited coach, and coach kids football.  Outside of my work and training I spend as much time with my children and family as possible, doing whatever they want to do.

When did you start teaching?

I assisted teaching and covered lessons whilst training for and then after gaining my 1st Dan.  I have been teaching at the Martials Centre’s club in Dunmow since late 2014. 

Have you had much success in competition?

I have competed, in the European Masters and the AMMA International.  I started martial arts later in life though and therefore more for self-defence than competition.


What is your favourite Kata?

All of them right from the very 1st one.  If I was pushed currently Kanka Sho, although each new Kata I learn becomes a favourite.


What is your favourite technique?

I don’t have one particular.  Again, if pushed Gaku, Mawashi Geri and or Yoko Geri.


Do you feel Martial Arts has influenced your personal life in any way?

Yes, most definitely.


Do you have any views on how Martial Arts is perceived?

I would hope that people recognise the principles, respect and tradition Karate teaches/installs.  Along with the benefits of learning self-defence whilst also keeping or becoming fit/fitter.   


Do you have any other interests?

My family.  All martial arts and Boxing, Football (WHUFC season ticket holder), most Sports and activities.  Reading.  Etc.


What are your current goals?

To keep training, studying, improving and learning.  To try and help/influence others around me to do the same. 

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