Welcome to our new assistant Instructor!

A HUGE Tmac welcome to our new assistant Instructor Bryony Smith.

Bryony was our overwhelming 1st choice for the role.

Bryony joins us on the 28th August and will be assisting in classes and also taking classes with a view to opening her own club under the Tmac brand in due course.

Bryony will also be training with us.

Bryony’s (some) achievements:

Eastern counties open 5 x Gold in Kata: UK nationals 1 Gold and 2 x Bronze Kumite. 1 Gold Kata. London championships Bronze Kumite. British open Silver Kumite, Kata Gold. British Open team Gold Kumite.

Apart from her Karate black belt, Bryony also has a black belt in Kickboxing and Thai boxing.

Please give her a warm welcome when you see her.

Welcome Bryony!!

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