Lockdown again. Frustrating for sure but also necessary for all our sakes.

We are of course aware that exercise of the mind is just as important as exercise of the body. Especially, during these worrying times.

Therefore we are planning new training classes commencing next week, (week commencing the 11th January) which will be 4 week introductory courses as follows:-



These classes are designed for our members, their family and friends. These classes are SEPERATE and in ADDITION to our normal classes that will continue via the Zoom timetable that is in place.

All you will need is a small space to train in, clear of any obstructions.

These courses will be FREE and are offered for no other reason but to bring some positivity to the current position we are all in.

The courses will incorporate some fitness and stretching ideas and are ideal for beginners. Our Karateka can try the Kickboxing course and our Kickboxers can try the Karate course. We believe this will enhance your training experience.

These classes will be taught by our Chief Instructor Sensei Wilson. Our Krav members can try what they wish as well of course. We cannot do a beginner Krav Maga beginners class as that needs a partner to teach it but we are looking at options to enable us to do this.

We hope that as many of our members family and friends can join in the courses, you can do both of the courses if you wish to.

Keep an eye out for details over the next few days. BUT please join in you will enjoy the experience.


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