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UKA Kyu Grade Competition

Our junior Karate belts attended the UKA Kyu grade (no black belt) competition and achieved some excellent results:

Silver Kata medal for Mayzie Lake in her 1st ever Kata competition and a 2nd Medal in Kumite

Silver Kata medal for Michael Rice in his 1st ever Kata competition

Bronze Kumite medal for David Varhanyovszki, the most junior belt in his group and 1 of the youngest, only losing 2-1 in the semi-final

2 Bronze Kumite medals for Isadora Drew in her 1st ever competition. She was the most junior belt and narrowly missed out on silver!

Also, great efforts from Finn today narrowly losing out in only his 2nd ever Karate fight and Oliver in his 1st ever external Karate competition. Both will be better for the experience today!

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