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Ria Atkinson

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When did you start your Self Defence training?

I started training in Krav Maga in 2016.

Why did you start this training?

My little boy asked me what i would do if a baddie broke in the house... when my answer was "errrmmm..." i knew i had to do something. The internet let me to The Martial Arts Centre and the rest is history

Who was your first Instructor?

David Wilson! 

What is your occupation?

I have worked for a cosmetics company in the hotel division since 2012.

When did you start teaching?

1st November 2018.

What is your favourite technique?

I like the moves that look like they would require alot of strength, but actually just need some well drilled techniques! A hip throw or some ground moves. Even some weapon defences.

Do you feel self defence has influenced your personal life in any way?

100%. It has increased my levels of fitness, stamina and strength as well as the emotional benefits of improved confidence, self esteem and respect. It has influenced how i feel and behave in so many situations. From the obvious to the suprising. The lists of benefits is endless!

Do you have any views on how self defence is perceived?

My personal view is that every man, women and child should know how to defend themselves and that everyone has the ability to develop those skills, if they wish.
I feel the perception from the society is either that they:
"don't have to worry about that" -(which hopefully is right!)
Or that they are not fit/ tough / strong enough or able to start training - (which absolutely is not right!).

Do you have any other interests?

I have a general interest in fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. I particularly find the holistic approach to the wellbeing of body and mind fascinating!

What are your current goals?

To spend every day combining all of the above!
I really enjoy sharing my love for self defence with others and watching them progress and feel the same benefits I do. So, more of that! 

old kumite win.

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