Bryony Smith

When did you start your Karate training?

I started Karate when I was 7 years old.

Why did you start Karate?

I began training when leaflets for a local club where handed out at school, I wanted to join because it was so different to any other sport that was available to me and I was looking for something fun and active to do after school.

Who was your first Instructor?

Robert Osbourn an instructor from Alex Harts Kaizen Martial Arts Academy. 

What is your occupation?

Gym instructor/ personal trainer

When did you start teaching?

I started helping out in classes in 2014 and  began fully teaching and earning my teaching qualifications in 2016.

Have you had much success in competition?

since 2012 I have competed in both kumite and Kata, some of my best achievements over the years being - eastern counties open (EKKA open) 5x gold Kata winner

UK nationals 2x bronze kumite winner and 1x gold 

London championships bronze kumite winner

British open silver kumite and kata winner as well as team wins such as the British open gold kumite win.

What is your favourite Kata?

My favourite kata is Unsu, this is one of my most successful competition katas


What is your favourite technique?

Fake ushiro mawashi geri, mawashi geri chudan – this is a great kick to trick your opponent when competing kumite.


Do you feel Martial Arts has influenced your personal life in any way?

Martial arts has definitely  made me more confident in myself, and able to pursue the career that I always wanted for myself. This is a sport that is constantly developing and I love being able to keep adapting and pursuing new challenges.


Do you have any views on how Martial Arts is perceived?

This sport is constantly growing in popularity with more people ditching their views that the sport is aggressive, and seeing the benefits that it has on peoples everyday lives such as confidence growth and self defence.


Do you have any other interests?

I enjoy keeping myself as fit as possible and I love training others to feel the same way and notice and enjoy the benefits of exercise.


What are your current goals?

My current goals are to take part in more competitions and develop my competition career further. As well as to work with young competitors in order to develop their confidence and achievements in karate.

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