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A.M.A. National Squad Members

On Sunday 8th October, TMAC were host to AMA's Southern region karate squad training session. Peter Allen, Chief Instructor and Head Selector of AMA, Enzo Quirino and Peter Martin, Southern region squad coaches took the session and four of our younger Dan grade members attended - Isla Scott, Evelyn Higgon, Abbie Sutton and Paige Mellor.

As a result of their performance at this session, Sensei is very proud to confirm that Isla, Evelyn, Paige and Abbie have been selected as AMA National squad members and also chosen to represent AMA in a special International competition event (1 day only) on the 19th November in Sheffield. It is an honour to be chosen as a squad member and a huge achievement to actually be selected, so well done girls! Evelyn has been selected even though she will be too young on the 19th November, the usual selection age is 13, she will still be 12, but still has been chosen.

This is Karate at a true National level, and with Isla going to Italy as an elite member to represent England, and Evelyn, Abbie and Paige in with a very good chance of joining her in Dundee for next year's World Championships, this is Karate at an International level.

Sensei was also asked to join the AMA team as a regional coach, which is fantastic news and a huge compliment. Peter Allen also confirmed Andrea Higgon as an assistant coach, a well deserved appointment and a great honour for the Centre.

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