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Report from UWK England Championships, Sheffield

Oh my word!! Our 4 young Karateka girls representing AMA England were in Sheffield for the last BIG domestic competition of the year.

A morning of Kata brought some good results:

Paige Mellor: getting better with each big competition and made the semi finals, well done Paige!

Abbie Sutton: bronze medal:

Isla Scott: 7th place in a large category after losing her balance on a complicated move. Missing out on the final by 1/10th of a point.

Evelyn Higgon: an excellent achievement to reach the final round of the Katas, ending up 5th out of 19. Her Empi was the best we have seen from her.

So, a good morning.

Only Abbie and Isla were competing in Kumite, in different age categories. The day then went through the roof!! Both girls fought fantastically well.

Abbie had a close fight in every round winning a great silver medal losing 2-4 in the final. A great achievement in this major event.

Then when you think it cannot get better:

Isla Scott: good early round performances she reaches the semi final against an English champion and wins.

Now for the final! 1-3 down with 14 seconds left. She scores an excellent Gyaku to make it 2-3. Then the same technique with 2 seconds left! 3-3. Tense to say the least. Then after a draw was announced by the Judges (who can declare a winner on what they see) it was next point wins. Another Gyaku (thank you very much) wins Isla the Gold !! And the UWK English Championship!!

Well done the TMAC girls.

Thank you to assistant coach Andrea Higgon, supporters Fiona and Eloise Scott, Andy Sutton, Helen Milton and Steven Higgon


We have even more excellent news for later in the week.

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