FEKO National Karate Championships, Sheffield

Final results from the Sheffield F.E.K.O National Karate competition:

Madeline Donlan - Final round in Kata (an excellent achievement in her first 'big 4' competition)

Evie Higgon - Silver medal in Kata (cementing her place as 1 of the top Kata cadets in the country)

Paige Mellor - Bronze medal Kumite

Abbie Sutton - Gold medal Kumite

Bryony Smith - Gold medal Kata, Silver medal individual kumite and Silver medal women’s team kumite

Georgia Conway - Silver medal Kata and Bronze medal kumite

Kellie Morant - Bronze medal Kata

Tia Stewart - Silver medal Kumite

Faye Manning - Bronze medal Kumite

Excellent performances by Benjamin Whiteman with a solid kata performance and a very close fight in kumite.

Peter Donlan performed well and this event will stand him in good stead.

Tara Gorton in her first competition narrowly missed out on making the final of her kata event and will be encouraged by her performance.

Well done to Sensei Andrea for her assistance.

This was our most successful ‘Big 4’ competition.

Well done TMAC squad!

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