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Gradings and Training

Dear All,

Re: Gradings and training

At the moment, these are going to go ahead. However, because we do not know what rule there is going to be on how many people can gather in one place at any one time, we will carry out gradings in the class. There is only 2 weeks to go until grading in any event and so we will be able to do this over the next 2 weeks. However, we must have the form and payment back with us and we can then start going through the candidates grading requirements for the next belt.

Once the forms are in, the instructors will have the belts with them to award. Nearly all our classes have more than one instructor in them so those who are not grading will still be able to train.

****** please note you wish to attend the formal grading it will still take place on 4th April unless we are not allowed to do so.

So, you have options either in class or at the normal grading.

If the Satellite clubs close, until the Martial Arts Centre is not allowed to open, our members can come and train.

If the timetable states that it is a Karate only class but our other disciplines wish to come and train at these times, we are happy to have any of our disciplines mixing together until these present problems are over.


Sensei David Wilson

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