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The Martial Arts Centre are pleased to announce our new Kumite head coach.

Sensei Shauna Carroll has agreed, with the agreement of her instructor Sensei Ian Cuthbert, to become our head of Kumite. Sensei Shauna has her own clubs with UKA who are good friends of The Martial Arts Centre and Shauna is also a Karate England coach and Director.

For footage of Sensei Shauna, please look on youtube to see her excellent technique and results.

Sensei Shauna has won multiple English, British and World titles and continues to compete at the highest level. Sensei Shauna has been training in Karate since she was 7 years of age. Sensei Wilson says ‘I am extremely pleased that Shauna has accepted the position of helping us with our Kumite going forward. Our squad and our clubs will benefit from her involvement and it is hoped that she would be able to attend 5 or 6 times per year to take charge of the kumite section of our squad training. Her vast experience and her innovative tactics will be an excellent addition to what we already do. We are looking forward to welcoming her. We collaborate with UKA on many matters and this strengthens our relationship even further’.


Sensei Wilson

Chief Instructor

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