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WUKF British Karate Championships & WUMA English Kickboxing Championships

What a weekend!

Saturday our TMAC karate squad attended the WUKF British Karate Championships in Crawley with Sensei Wilson and on Sunday our TMAC Kickboxing squad attended the WUMA English Kickboxing Championships in Worcester with Sensei Macarthur.

and what a success we saw;

Top 6 place

Top 4 place

2 Gold

5 Silver

3 Bronze

4 Competitors competing for the 1st time

Go team TMAC! Great performances, great teamwork, great support! Well done all!

5th place Shobu Sanbon - Abbie Sutton

Silver Wado Ryu Kata - Rosie Cooper

Bronze Kumite - Abbie Sutton

Gold Kata - Georgia Conway

Silver Wado Ryu Kata - Abbie Sutton

Gold Team Kumite (Karate England) - Abbie Sutton (with Alice & Bethany)

An excellent performance from our youngest warrior Eleanor Donlan - the youngest and smallest in her group putting in a nice Kata performance in a huge group

Bronze - Mayzie Lake

Bronze - Oliver Phillips

Silver - James Price

Silver - Michael Rice

Silver - Paul Macarthur

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