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WUKF World Karate Championships, Dundee

Last week saw some of our squad members attend the WUKF World Karate Championships in Dundee, Scotland. Selected for the Karate England squad were Abbie Sutton, Georgia Conway, Madeline Donlan and Rosie Cooper.

Kata Day:

Rosie came joint top 6 in her first ever major international event. There was also a good showing by Abbie in her category.

Madeline and Georgia both came away with excellent Bronze medals, with it being Georgia's first international event too (she also had a surprise appearance on a BBC Scotland report whilst practicing her Kata!!)

Fighting day:

Madeline scooped an excellent bronze medal and definitely frightened some people on the tatami!! A fantastic achievement for Maddie.

Abbie finished the tournament for our TMAC girls by coming away with a Team silver medal.

Great stuff TMAC ladies!

It has been a great experience for the lades at true "World" level. From our start, 17 years ago, with zero students, we now have English, British, European and World Champions!

You all make us proud!

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