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Karate England National Championships

This weekend saw us attend the Karate England National Championships with Team TMAC consisting of Isla Scott, Georgia Conway, Madeline Donlan and Rosie Copper.

Here are the fantastic results we acheived:

Kata Day

Rosie Copper - Silver Medal (a great effort in only her 2nd big competition. She was tied for the lead after the 1st round!)

Georgia Conway - Silver Medal Wado Ryu Kata

TMAC Kata team - Silver Medal

Georgia Conway - Bronze Open Kata event (only beaten by experienced black belts)

Kumite Day

Isla Scott - Bronze

Isla Scott - Silver Medal in Ippon

Isla Scott (Team Kumite) - Bronze Medal

Isla Scott (Team Kumite) - Gold Medal

Madeline Donlan - Bronze Medal

Shauna Carroll (Our TMAC Kumite coach) - Gold

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