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Easing of restrictions 19th July 2021

Please note that from Monday the 19th July, unless there is a change by the Government over the weekend, we will be having some changes to training and attendance at the Centre:

All adult restrictions are now removed from Monday, so ALL members and disciplines are back to normal regarding sparring, grappling etc…

Spectator parents are allowed but a mask please to be worn, and a 1 metre distance between spectators and non-family members to be observed.


Hands still to be sanitised as now.

Temperature check will still take place.

We will keep a register of attendees, in case names are required, as Covid has still not left us.

No exchange of equipment (so use your own gloves and focus mitts) with your training partners.

We will continue with our cleaning regime as now but this does not affect the classes.

For our Satellite clubs, please see the instructor, as those venues rules that they have in place are what will need to be followed.

Stay safe and stand up for the downtrodden.


Sensei David Wilson

Chief Instructor

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