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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Dear All,

We are now allowed to open, from 25th July 2020. This is the date confirmed by the government. However, we have decided, especially as it is the summer holiday, to wait one week and we will:

RE-OPEN ON 3RD AUGUST (MONDAY). We wish to use that extra week to monitor what issues, if any, other fitness centres and dance studios have encountered and we can then deal with them.

We do not believe there will be any issues but we are of course always conscious that our members safety is paramount. So, at the moment it looks like Monday 3rd August will be our opening date.

Immediately before we open there will be a deep clean of the Centre, although there has already been a deep clean, and from the investigations that we have made, the Centre would be virus free in any event. But being extra careful is fine.

It would be good to get back indoors but of course we are waiting to ensure that everyone would be as safe as we can make it.

We are opening after consultation with our governing body, Karate England, HM Government website, W.H.O. guidelines and agreement with our insurers.

We have a thorough detailed full risk assessment and at the end of each training evening the Centre will be sprayed with a special Versan spray which is the spray that is used on ambulances and by other public authorities. We will still continue to exercise social distancing until we are told otherwise and so there will be a safe distance between our members.

Nearer the time we will issue the directions for entering and using the building.

If anyone has any concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.


David Wilson

Chief Instructor

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